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Junior Camp

Are you going into 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th grade? Are you going to be at least 9 years old by September 1, 2023? If you answered “yes,” then this camp is for you! We’ve divided up the camp into two mighty proud (and sometimes mighty ornery) families: the Hatfields and the McCoys. Let the Friendly Feudin’ begin!

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Teen Camp

It’s time to “git yore dander up” for a little Friendly Feudin’! We had no i’deer that the skirmishes that took place in West Virginy and Caintucky in the 1800’s would spill out onto us in New Hampshire. Instead of plinkin’ at each other with their trusty, rusty shootin’ irons, they’ll all be fix’n to engage in a might bit more civilized pastimes such as rollickin’ original games, Funtimes that are guaranteed to have folk in stitches, and, of course, never-to-be-forgetted Freetime adventures! Why, it’s even true that all the Friendly Feuders will set down in the Cool Beans Coffee Shoppe to eat, slurp, and declare a truce in the squabbl’n’. Everbody will set down to hear some good ol’ fashion’ preach’n, have interestin’ cabin discussions, and enjoy refresh’n music. Y’all don’t want to miss out! 

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GRADES 11, 12, College Freshman

Camper-In-Training (CIT)

The CIT program exists to develop true biblical leaders by building whole-hearted, servant-minded teens for Christ-like leadership. This two-week program features detailed biblical teaching sessions emphasizing the progress of growth into Christ-likeness and cultivating a life of influence in the world for Christ. Along with the clear Bible teaching, the program is also designed with practical opportunities for the participants (CITers) to begin living out what they have been taught.

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We have a line-up of retreats that are designed to refresh and encourage you both physically and spiritually. From the enjoyable activities, the time with friends, to the practical teaching from gifted Bible teachers, these retreats will be the perfect break you need.

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