Staff Alumni

10th Summer Alumni Reunion

We are looking to reconnect with all of our alumni as we celebrate our 10th summer of ministry here in Deering. Our Alumni Reunion will be July 21-22, 2018. We are offering free meals and free housing. All family members are welcomed, but childcare is not provided. We will enjoy rehearsing all the fun and laughter of 10 summers as well as the eternal investments that have been made as well. In fact, we are looking for you to send us by April 30 either an audio clip or video about how God used TWNE to change your life, or a funny memory that has kept you laughing.

For more information, contact Rand or Cassie. Please RSVP by July 2 if you are able to join us for one fantastic weekend!

Let the Memories Live On

The memories and experiences of a summer staff member will continue for decades after the ten weeks of summer are over. The hilarious stories, humorous moments, and drama-induced competitive experiences will be shared with families and friends for years.

Most of us who have had the joy of working at TWNE cannot even begin to repay for what we have learned and received as staff members. We encourage all alumni (former staff members) to do all they can to pray, give, and promote the camp they love. So many more young people for years to come can enjoy the same life-changing experiences that they so fondly remember.