How many ways can we say "THANK YOU"?

Seeing God supply what we need, when we need it. Over the past 14 years of The Wilds of New England’s existence, God has supplied churches to serve, campers to love, friends who give, and funds to sustain us in an excellent way.

One of the greatest ways God has provided for the needs of this ministry is through our staff. The pioneer staff in the founding years, the volunteer staff of the early years, and the yearly supply of energetic, godly summer staff, all cause my heart to say, “thank you, thank you, thank you!” to our God.

Dr. Ken Hay taught us that a good camp (or any ministry) has four essential elements: Philosophy, People, Program, and Place. He used to say that with a biblical philosophy, servant-hearted people, and a fun, creative program, we could hold an excellent camp in a church parking lot—and we experienced this during the summer of 2020 when we held “Day of Camp” rallies throughout New England. The second element of a good camp is people. I am privileged to work side-by-side with true servants of God who are motivated to tirelessly serve in a camp ministry, simply expressing their love for God and love for campers in everything that they do.

If you would like a tangible way to say “thank you” to our New England full-time families, please consider contributing to some simple but necessary upgrades to their staff home. Our focus, rightly so, has been on camper needs and facility needs; it’s become obvious that our staff housing needs some attention as well. We believe $80,000 will cover the costs to complete some basic kitchen upgrades, improve basements, and repair siding issues in our various staff homes. We are thankful that $30,000 of this has already been given! We consider each gift a personal “thank you note.” And I want to personally “thank you for saying, “thank you”!

Sincerely yours for the Staff at TWNE,

Rand Hummel