Parent Information

Hey Parents!

We know it can be tough to send your child away for a week, so let us help you with some information that will hopefully ease your mind (well, at least a little…)

Keeping it Safe

We believe that a good camp is a safe camp. Here at The Wilds of New England, we take the safety of our campers very seriously.

In many ways, safety begins with our staff. Since this is true, here are a few things that we require of our staff:

Keeping the campers safe continues before the campers make their way to camp as we require them to sign their name to the fact that they have read the General Information section.

This information informs them of the things they should not bring to camp (lighters, matches, firearms, fireworks, etc). Once the campers have arrived on camp, we give them clear instructions on how to stay safe during the week. These instructions include:

While we cannot prevent every injury at camp, we do put a whole bunch of effort to keep the campers safe and healthy. In the end, we trust God to keep us all safe so we can serve Him more.

Staff with campers. Checkin

Contacting Your Child

Since we do not allow campers to have their mobile devices in the cabins, the best way to remind your child that you still love them is through a letter or card sent in the mail. You can even send them a full fledged “Care Package” too if you would like (not too many teenagers would turn down free food!) You can send your letters (and food) to:

The Wilds of New England
Attn: Your Child’s Name
1181 Deering Center Rd
Deering, NH 03244

Should you have an urgent need to speak to your child, please call us directly at 603.529.0001 and we will arrange a time as quickly as possible for you to speak to them.

Follow the Fun!

To help you stay connected with what is going on at camp, we will post pictures on our Facebook page and stories on our Instagram throughout the week. You never know if your child will be the star of the next camp picture!

Visiting the Campsite

Although it might surprise you, we actually discourage parents from visiting during the camp week. Safety of our campers, flow of the week, and general distraction of the program all have their part in this decision.

We do highly recommend letters though! If there is a need to see your child, please contact our office to make a request. Only the Director and the Assistant Director can give permission to visit the campsite. Thank you for understanding.

Want to be in the know?

If you want to really know what is going on each day, feel free to download the schedule for the week!

Teen Camp Schedule PDFJunior Camp Schedule PDF

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ Page.