2019 Fall Fundraiser

We are beyond thankful for another successful fundraising banquet this year! The banquet served as an extension of our 2019 Fall Fundraiser. The goal of this fundraiser was to raise money to remodel 6 old cabins and build a new duplex cabin. We also had a need to raise money for safety upgrades on our Zipline and add an exciting new activity on our Zipline. These projects combined gave us a total fundraising goal of $102,000.

Through generous donations by so many of you, God brought in $66,000 before our fundraising banquet. On October 7th, 58 people drove to our campsite for our banquet, and we were excited to see how God was going to work. After guests enjoyed delicious drinks from Cool Beans, a time of fellowship, and a wonderful meal, I shared a little bit of the work that God did over the summer and the financial needs of the camp. We took and offering, and in the sovereignty and amazing goodness of our God, He provided exactly $36,000! That brought the entire fundraising total to $102,000! Exactly the amount we needed. The lesson from Proverbs 30:9 is that is just enough - not too much lest we forget God and stop praying; not too little lest we forsake God and try to accomplish our task without Him.

We give God all the glory for what He has done, and we are excited to get started on these projects so we can better serve campers. "All to the Glory of God!"