All is quiet...well, kinda.

Dear Friends,

All is quiet at TWNE in January, well, kinda. We do have a few projects going that require delivery trucks, hammers pounding, saws cutting, chainsaws running, and compressors pumping, not to mention the snow blowers, tractors, wood splitter, and various other power tools that keep the property maintained and ready for campers. So, I guess it is kinda quiet around here, maybe… The one sound that we miss the most is the sound of campers! But they will be here soon. For now, there is much to keep us hopping on several fronts.

We are excited to make some needed upgrades to our Health Service Building and we are busy working on some new activities for the campers to enjoy (hopefully this summer!). We always seem to have some sort of maintenance project going somewhere. We also have our weekly Homeschool Chapel broadcast that is reaching way beyond just homeschoolers. This unique ministry opportunity really keeps Joe on the go. We also take advantage of this time to go out and promote the camp while preaching and encouraging people to know God better. Rand, in particular, spends a lot of his time “on the road.” He can be gone so long that sometimes he has to reintroduce himself to the staff when he gets back… Of course, we are pouring a lot of work into preparations for summer camp (staffing, games, new activities, schedules, etc). Mix in the normal maintenance a campsite requires with the normal unpredictable New Hampshire weather (snow, ice, sleet, rain) and you can see that our small staff has plenty to do, but we love it this way!

So, it’s kinda quiet around here, but the sound of campers running all over the campsite will be here before we know it. Thank you for helping us in these “quiet moments” by your generosity and prayers. We need partners like you all year round and we are so thankful for you!


Steve Stodola