Building Walls to Break Down Barriers

Dear Friends,

Sometimes when you do one project, you find others that need to be done. When we completed our ballfield renovation, we uncovered and collected truckloads of boulders and big rocks. Simultaneously we were having conversations about building a fence and gate at the front of the campsite. Then we looked over and just decided to use what we had! We used those same rocks from the field to build a new stone wall!

In the 1820's when settlers were still clearing new land in New Hampshire a writer for the State Board of Agriculture entreated New Hampshire-ites to “build for the ages". Some settlers cleared fields and created makeshift fences from the logs, but the majority of the fences that remain today are the ones created out of rocks. As our State nickname (“The Granite State”) implies, our rocks are too numerous to count! Many of those stonewalls they constructed then are ones we enjoy today!!

Some of our favorite camp memories have come from sitting on our stone walls counseling outside the Meeting House or making the trek up to Laser Tag with those beautiful New England walls leading the way!

With the help of some modern equipment and skilled hands, we were able to connect the 200 year old wall with a new one. This now provides a comfortable barrier between us and the busy road that rushes by out front! It also creates an area for burdened shoulders to rest back and dig into God’s Word and have one-on-ones with a counselor! While our goal is always the safety of our campers-God has a way of making it open doors through His provision and timing. So we will continue to build walls in order to have more opportunities to break down barriers with campers.

Thank you for giving to make projects like these possible!