Dear Friends,

Did you know that there are almost 200 covered bridges scattered throughout New England’s breathtaking countryside? Most of these structures were built in the mid-to-late 1800s. While they are beautiful to photograph, they serve a very important purpose of connecting villages and rural towns all over the six New England states.

What a joy it was to watch our Summer Staff connect with a record-breaking 1,440 campers this summer. It is hard to describe the excitement (and the tears) on the faces of the counselors and operational staff as they shared their stories of leading campers to the Lord or watching them make decisions to grow in Christ, to consistently read their Bibles, to witness to their friends, and to commit to walking with the Lord. And with the addition of our new, five-guestroom Inn, we also had the privilege of connecting with pastors, parents, and sponsors right on the campsite.

Camp is a place of connections—connecting with fun; connecting with friends; connecting with counselors—all with the primary goal of connecting with our wonderful Lord. And by the way, as beautiful as those New England bridges are, they are but a pale picture of the true “Bridge to Eternal Life” that we get to share with hundreds of young people every summer. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ was shared dozens of times with hundreds of campers, and by God’s grace, many put their faith and trust in Christ.

Thank you for your encouraging prayers, gifts, and uplifting thank you notes. Your support continues to give us the precious privilege of introducing so many to our Lord Jesus Christ Who is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only true Bridge to our eternal Father in heaven.

We cannot do what we love to do without your help. We would love to stay “Connected” to you through your prayer support, your financial support, or your attendance at one of our camping programs!