Crisp and Colorful

Fall is in the air (and a little winter as well)! With brightly colored leaves, crisp morning air, and cups full of pumpkin spice lattes, the fall season here in New England is just delightful. Not only are our coffee cups full, but our hearts are so full! We are filled with excitement, thankfulness, and hope!

Our excitement came from seeing campers on the campsite for our fall retreats. We also held our Fundraising Banquet and one more Day of Camp in Carthage, NC.

We are also filled with thankfulness for the Lord's provision. We have seen the Lord reduce our deficit at TWNE drastically! We thank God for using the love offerings from gracious friends, a well-attended Golf Tournament, and the part-time and interim jobs of our staff to supplement their income. God is so good!

Finally, we are filled with hope for the future! Our hope is not just an empty desire for things to be normal again, but we have a confident expectation that God will be glorified! If He tarries, we hope in Christ and what He will do through the Wilds of New England for years to come!