Fall 2019 Update

Our 2019 fall camping season has officially come to an end. This fall we hosted 8 weekend camps, 3 week-long camps, and 2 day camps. We love that we get to serve campers of all ages during our fall retreats - from young kids who come with their parents, to senior adults who have their own day outing, and everyone in between. We were able to serve 955 campers this fall!

Every retreat was a blessing to those who attended. Our prayer for every camper is that they will enjoy a refreshing time away from the hustle of every day life, and that they will be encouraged in their walk with Christ. We received an extra blessing this fall during one of our school camps when we learned that 6 students from one school professed Christ as their Savior! We were also blessed to learn that when this group returned back to their school, they immediately adjusted their schedule to include "God & I Time" and discipleship training.

Another new blessing this fall came from our "Day of Prayer" with New England pastors and their wives. We had several pastors and wives from all over New England attend, and it was such an encouragement to spend a morning specially praying for the gospel work in New England.

Our 5th annual TWNE Golf Tournament on September 9th was a fun day with friends from all over New England, and God used the tournament to raise over $12,000 for our Camper Scholarship Fund!

We also had the opportunity to travel to 11 different churches and ministries throughout the fall. Many of the churches we visited were in New England, so our whole fall staff had the opportunity to travel and minister to some of these churches.

Our "official" fall season ended in mid-October with a trip down to Bob Jones University to do some staff recruiting for Summer 2020. It was a successful time of recruiting and reuniting with many of our former staff members.

Please keep Rand in your prayers as his "off season" is hardly time off. He spends much of the camp "off season" traveling all over the country to speak and represent TWNE at churches, schools, and conferences. Also keep me in your prayers as I also travel to speak and represent TWNE at various ministries. I will also be traveling with CampsAbroad the first week of December for a camp in South Africa.