From my perch

Dear Friends,

I love my perch- about 40 feet up on the Zipline tower. In between excited Zipliners, I get to observe the ebb and flow of free time activities set in the background of bright orange, red, and yellow leaves. Among many other things, my perch allows me to watch the steady stream of campers in and out of Cool Beans and the Sweet Shoppe. I can see and hear the roar of laughter and cheering that erupts frequently from the 9 Square, volleyball, or basketball courts. But myfavorite is to watch smiles- genuine smiles that come from good fellowship and hearty conversations, or from friendly competition, or from a boy holding his father’s hand whilewaiting in line for the Zipline. These are wonderful sights to behold!

All of this reminds me of the first part of our Mission Statement: “Using the unique benefits of Christian camping, we serve people…” This fall, God has used the “unique benefits of camp” to influence over 1000 campers! We are grateful for the wonderful “benefits of camp” such as the free time activities, the good food, the beautiful fall scenery, and the preaching of truth that have played a part in God saving and restoring many people this fall.

Just as each golden leaf joins its beauty in chorus with all the other leaves to make one scenic panoramic sight, so each gift given to help us carry on our mission is a part of the whole big picture of what God is doing here. So from my perch to yours, thank you for your part in making the picture complete!


Steve Stodola