God's Paintbrush

During the fall in New England, God takes out His paintbrush and paints our trees once again with the most vibrant, eye-catching colors. Even though we know the changing of leaves has a scientific reason, the reason for the beautiful colors is simple. God brings glory to Himself through the changing of leaves. By the way, God also brings glory to Himself by the changing of lives. At TWNE, we hosted several Fall Retreats including a couple private church retreats, Student Leadership Conferences, a Ladies Retreat, Men & Boys Retreat, and Couples Retreat. We were thrilled to have campers on the campsite again.

God has graciously provided all our year-round staff with part time or interim jobs to offset salaries and to help us get through the off-season. It is amazing to see how many friends God has given TWNE and how He is providing through our summer of no camp.