Days of Knights! - Fun Time 2018

Fun Time 2018.

In a chivalrous quest to control the kingdom, the Royal Knights and the Scarlet Knights will compete in various feats of strategy, skill, and bravery! On the battlefield, both kingdoms will match skill in the battle of Boulderdash, challenge each other in Castle Bombardment, battle wits in the Battle of Catastrophe, and face extreme conflict in the Challenge of Tic-Tac. Whether you become a Scarlet Knight or join the Royal Knight forces, each day brings new adventures and challenges that only the bravest of brave can endure.

In the midst of the battles, both medieval families will join forces to seek to bring into the kingdom joy, laughter, and yes, true love. One old king, two competing knights from the Shires of Hamp, four lovely daughters who seek love, a host of bumbling trumpeters, and a cast of musical virtuosos will combine sword fights, romance, riddles, jesters, and bananas to life in the unforgettable dramatic production of “A Knight to Remember.” As a camper this summer you will enjoy this exciting and exhilarating Funtime presentation that would have tickled King Arthur himself! 

You don’t want to miss such a chivalrous adventure. See you at The Wilds of New England this summer.