Nothing is slowing us down!

We are in the time of year now where everything is covered with snow. The trees and roofs look like icing or cool whip was just dumped on them. While we try to keep our roads clean and clear, there are many times that the snow and ice make it difficult to drive. During those times you don’t want to hear the words “I can’t slow down!”

During the summer and fall, you might hear that phrase but for different reasons. We might even look forward to the winter with hopes that things might “slow down” a little bit. However, this winter has us working on several renovation projects simultaneously, traveling with Camps Abroad, speaking at various churches, preaching at other camps, Homeschool Chapels, and prepping for the upcoming summer. Even with the occasional interruptions of snow storms, we have made great progress in so many areas! It doesn’t seem to be slowing down very much yet.

Each of these projects and ministry opportunities are evidence that God is continuing to provide a full ministry up here in New England. We are so thankful for those who give financially and come alongside us to help us get all of these things accomplished.