Open Doors

Dear Friends,

To be honest, the bubble on the level looked pretty blurry. I really needed to get the door leveled and working properly, but I was struggling to see my tool. You might be inclined to think that my eyes were just showing my age (and you might be partly right…), but that was not the cause of my problem at that time. The real cause was the camper who had just come through the door with her counselor and told me with great joy that she had just asked Christ to save her from her sins! As she walked (bounced) away, my eyes filled with tears of joy and just couldn’t see my level anymore! I was reminded that I while I am fixing doors at camp, but Jesus, who is the Door, is fixing all who come to Him.

Speaking of the doors at camp, strangely enough, they do not fix themselves. In fact, the operation and maintenance of the camp does not just happen by osmosis. As you know, the operation and maintenance of the camp requires the proper resources and financial backing to keep it all going. Thank you for being a friend who literally helps us keep the doors swinging the right way! Your kindness and generosity is vitally important to our ministry and is so greatly appreciated! If you could see all that God does with your help and kindness does for the sake of eternal ministry, you probably wouldn’t be able to see the bubble on your level too…


Steve Stodola