Something new is going up at camp!

Dear Friends,

We're thrilled to share exciting updates from The Wilds of New England. Many of you already support and pray for us, and we express our deepest gratitude to each one of you.

Health Service Building Renovation:

A much-needed Health Service Building renovation is underway. We're replacing a dilapidated bathroom, adding a service window for efficiency, updating painting, and new cabinets, countertops, and workspace. It is a fairly straightforward renovation, but it should make a big difference.

Dining Hall Train:

Thanks to a generous donor, a delightful addition is coming to our Dining Hall – a TRAIN! We're working to complete the track around the top, getting closer each day to seeing this wonderful addition come to life.

Spreading the Word:

Our outreach efforts continue with incredible success. Rand has been able to preach to over 900 teens this past month. Steve and Joe have also had the privilege of preaching at various New England churches, and we all continue to connect with students all over the world through our Homeschool Chapels each Wednesday.

Please pray as we still have a long winter ahead and lots of other projects to complete!

All for Christ,

Joe Kopp