Springtime in New Hampshire

Springtime in New Hampshire has its own beauty. The waves of snow clouds in February are past, and the winds of March melt away the snow and blow the left over leaves from fall all over the campsite. Thus the beauty of change is in full swing on the campsite.

“Change” is also a good way to describe what happens on the campsite too. The natural world is certainly changing as the brown grass begins to turn green and the thermometer gradually climbs. Our staff also experiences a change in our To-Do lists. The busyness of winter seems to carry into spring, but now the things that were “on hold until spring” all of sudden need to actually get done. Many of these items are outside projects that can only be done when the snow is gone and the ground is not so frozen.  Most importantly, these items remind us that campers will be here soon, and we can’t wait! We are ready for the juniors and teens to fill up the quiet corners of the camp and make this place come alive again.

In the midst of all of the busyness of preparing for camp is the recognition that we cannot do many of our items on our To-Do list without our prayer and financial partners. We are so grateful for those who allow us to improve the campsite for the purpose of helping the campers have the best week of their lives- physically, socially, and spiritually. Our ministry for God is propelled by the kindness of the people of God.

Steve Stodola