The Countdown to Summer

In my mind, January 1 is like the unofficial official start to the countdown to summer. For some reason, June feels like tomorrow already. The irony is that the weather forecast for this week includes rain, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures- hardly your typical June weather… I think part of the reason for this feeling is that the to-do list seems longer than I have time to accomplish it mixed with the great anticipation of teens and juniors sprawling all over the campsite having the time of their lives. And so the countdown to summer starts. Everyday gets us closer to the privilege of running camp and, more importantly, the privilege of watching God do great things in the lives of campers.

But for now, we dive deep into the to-do list of projects, repairs, renovations, schedules, and emails. However, this list is not at all the whole picture because we are also busy about ministry too. During this time of the year, we also get the privilege of visiting churches and schools, preaching and teaching, and counseling those who reach out to us for help. This is a quieter and somewhat unseen aspect of our ministry and we sincerely love it!

I sometimes wonder, “How will we get it all done before June?” The simple, short answer is found in the grace of God and the people of God. Many of you are one of those “people of God” who has come along side us to help provide for our needs and prayerfully carry us along. I am never quite sure how to adequately say thank you for such a ministry to us, but please know that we are truly and deeply grateful for your partnership! With friends like you, the impossible to-do list because joyfully possible!

And so, with the countdown running, it’s time to find my to-do list and knock some things off of it since the campers are coming tomorrow, I mean, in June…