The Winter Storm of the Century

Dear Friends,

As I stare out my office window at the remains of our recent “winter storm of the century” which delivered to us about 30 inches of snow, I am having a hard time processing that our summer staff will arrive in less than 7 weeks! We can’t even see the ground! Yet, summer is right around the corner.

I find it difficult in a short note to adequately update my friends on all that has been happening both on and off the campsite. Offsite, we have been busy preaching and telling people about what God has been doing here. Onsite, we continue to stream our homeschool chapels, finalize program details for summer camp, order supplies for summer, and press forward on multiple maintenance/renovation projects. It is an exciting time at camp! One major project on which we are nearing completion is a complete renovation of our Sweet Shoppe. It is looking good! New flooring, paint, cabinets, lighting, and ice cream dipping cabinet are all part of the stellar upgrades. You really should stop by this summer and get something sweet in the Sweet Shoppe…

A few minutes ago, I had a conversation with 2 of our faithful volunteers who are kindly serving us with their expertise this week. I told them that none of us really know the eternal investment of their work this week. I am certain that the God will use the upgraded excellence on the campsite for His purposes and I wanted them to know that they are part of that process. And I want anyone who has ever prayed, given, volunteered, or brought campers to camp to know that they are too. Your generosity and kindness is making a difference in the lives of people you will probably never meet here on earth. I thank you on their behalf and on behalf of the camp staff who get the privilege to observe it.

I better stop staring out my window and get back to my to-do list. Thank you for helping me get my list done!


Steve Stodola
Assistant Director